Tuesday, June 26, 2012



"Plum Spooky," "Plum Lovin'," "Visions of Sugar Plums," and "Plum Lucky"

These books are also written by Janet Evanovich and they were written 'between the numbers.' I didn't like these books as much as the number books (which I also finished btw). They were too unrealistic for me. There's this new guy Diesel who has some weird sort of abilities which don't make much sense, and it's just a side plot from the main story. Evanovich uses Stephanie Plum as the main character, but Ranger and Joe Morelli aren't the main guys in them, which is pretty much the reason they suck.

"Metro Girl" and "Motor Mouth"

This is a different series written by Evanovich (in case you haven't figured it out, I pretty much enjoy her as an author). These are completely different from the Plum novels, as in characters and the story line, but they have a similar feel to them. The main character Barnaby is a girl who needs to solve a problem, whether it be finding her brother or trying to get out some kind of trouble, and she has a partner Hooker who is the "Joe Morelli" of this series. Just like in the Plum novels, there's that sexual tension Evanovich loves to write about between the two of them. The books are a fun and easy read.

Avengers (PG-13)

This movie was amazing. I wanted to see it again right after we finished watching it. I love humor in all movies, and this one had a lot of it. The action was good. The story line was good. The actors were good. I didn't get confused during it. It was a great movie.

21 Jump Street (R)

Omg! I loved this movie so much. It was hilarious. It's the best to see a comedy with someone who will laugh at stuff, and I saw this one with my little brother. He had already seen it before, so he knew what was coming, and he still laughed at everything. It just makes the experience so much better. Actually, it was a funny story. We got to the dollar theater, which was about 25 minutes away, and both of us forgot our IDs. The stupid girl at the counter wouldn't let my brother in because he looked too young, but she believed that I was 23. So we walked away and I told my brother to look for a back door and that I was going to buy a ticket and let him in when I got back there. But then it hit me that that was a stupid idea... I could just buy tickets for another movie, and then go into the theater playing 21 Jump Street. So we got tickets for John Carter (which I would NEVER watch) and we snuck in. Second story- who the heck brings a baby and two young kids to a rated R movie?! Seriosuly, a BABY! They sat right in front of us and the darn baby kept crying and making noises at the funny parts! After making my annoyed noises and clearing my throat, I finally just decided to move to another seat. Anyway, back to the movie. It was super funny. Channing Tatum was actually more funny than Jonah Hill, I think. I've already seen it again.

Crazy, Stupid, Love (PG-13)

I think this is one of my favorite movies. I pretty much like all movies with Steve Carrell in them (except for 40 Year-Old Virgin (below)).  I loved Ryan Gosling's character because he was such a loyal friend. The only reason that this movie didn't receive a 10 from me is because of the stupid 8th grade graduation scene. It was so awkward that it was just uncomfortable to watch. Other than that, it's a fun movie.

40 Year-Old Virgin (R)

From my experience, I would say most of the time when a comedy is rated R it's more disgusting than funny. And this movie was disgusting. Obviously it was all about sex, but it was just in a gross way. And I also didn't like seeing Steve Carrell in that kind of character. Even though he was the nerd, it was still all about him trying to have sex, and it was just weird for me after seeing him is so many other movies and shows where he isn't talking about doing the nasty. I'm pretty sure I laughed at some parts, but none of them were memorable.

Borat (R)

Also a very disgusting comedy, although this one I think had more humor in it, but the disgusting parts were the worst of any I have ever seen. I like that it was actually real footage; that these people weren't actors and they were just that stupid. It made me laugh, but I would never watch it again, and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.

Tower Heist (PG-13)

Ben Stiller is one of the worst actors ever. I don't like any of his movies usually because I hate his characters. He was dumb in Anchorman, too annoying in Along Came Polly, The Fockers movies are just too frustrating to watch, I hated him in Dodgeball, but in this movie, I could actually stand watching him. I liked his character, and I liked the plot of the movie. The only part I didn't like was with the car. Once again, it was just too unrealistic for me. And I know, movies are all unrealistic and that's what makes them movies, but I just don't like when it's like that. I like to pretend that these stories are real; it makes movie watching more enjoyable. This movie started out fun, but it lost its appeal.