Sunday, January 27, 2013

Magic Mike (R)- Channing Tatum (mmm)

Tooo many butts. Yeah, it's a stripper movie, what did I expect? Not so many freaken butts! Let me just say, I don't think butts are a bad thing. All butts are the same to me no matter if it's on a man or a woman. Ok, some might be hairier than others, but still, you can't really tell what gender a butt is. The only reason I'd be embarrassed if someone saw my butt is because it's so white. Anyways, the first butt in the movie was Channing's, but I still laughed when I saw it because it's funny and it was kind of unexpected. Then throughout the movie it just kept happening and honestly, I just got bored and kind of annoyed. Like, oh my gosh again?! 
So the story line was pretty stupid. And kind of dark in a way. It's like a story of the stripper life style with all the drugs and girls and weird crap that goes on. So I didn't really like that. Channing's story with him and the girl was kind of lame too. I don't understand why they would even be attracted to each other. She was so boring. Basically, Channing got some guy to strip with him, and it turned out that that guy had a sister who he was living with, and then Channing started to like the sister, while the sister just let her brother go out and strip. Really weird. The only thing I loved about this movie was... can you guess it? The dancing. I watched it with my best friend and we giggled like little school girls when he came out to dance. He's such a babe. Anyway, I'd never watch this movie again. Too many butts for my liking.