Thursday, November 15, 2012

Another Update..

Just a quick update on life: We ended up moving to Texas at the beginning of October, which means I quit my awful job in California where I did nothing all day long except blog about movies I've seen. Not like I do much else here in Texas since I don't currently have a job yet, but I'd rather sleep and watch TV than blog. But the husband is at work today, so I might as well catch up.

Blue Streak (PG-13)- Martin Lawrence

First of all, I really hate Martin Lawrence. He tries to be funny and ghetto, but he just over does it. Especially in this movie. Basically, he steals and hides this jewel in a building, gets caught, goes to jail, gets out, then goes back to the building to get the jewel he hid, but it turns out that the building is now a police station. So he acts like he's a police man to try to get the jewel and ends up getting put on cases and other nonsense like that. And that's annoying because, yeah I know it's a movie, but no way would it be that easy to pretend to be a cop. So, reasons I did not like this movie: 1) Martin Lawrence is in it, 2) it's a frustrating movie- where one bad thing keeps happening after another, and 3) it wasn't that funny. 

Think Like A Man (PG-13)- Kevin Hart

When I first saw the previews to this movie, I thought of two things: 1) There's a comedian in here, so it's going to be really corny, because when comedians are in movies, they try to make jokes about everything, and the jokes end up not being funny, and 2) it's going to be like one of those dumb movies that have too many actors in it, like "She's Just Not That Into You," and it's going to suck because those kinds of movies always suck. Well, I was proven wrong on both points. I really loved this movie. It was so funny. It may not have been all that realistic, but I'm pretty sure I said  "mmm-hmm" to a lot of the points made in there about the opposite sex. I'd totally watch this movie again. 

Snow White and the Huntsman (PG-13)- Kristen Stewart & Chris Hemsworth

I was actually really excited to see this movie because I had heard a lot of people liked it. That just goes to show that you should never listen to what anyway else ever says about movies. I also wanted to see it because I like Charlize Theron, and I wanted to see how Stewart acts outside of the Twilight movies. I wasn't all that impressed. I will admit that the first 45 minutes to an hour or so had me hooked; I was real interested in the story and everything was pretty exciting. Then when the part with the stupid dwarfs came in... I lost complete interest. So boring and extremely weird, and the dwarf scene lasted a good 30 minutes. By the time I got off of Facebook and continued to watch the movie again, I wasn't too sure what was happening, and I was just counting down the minutes until it was over. 

The Dictator (R)- Sacha Baron Cohen

I don't know why I watch this guys' movies. Actually, this time I didn't pick it out, my husband and brother did. I will admit that there were some pretty funny parts in this movie, but I just think this guy is too dirty, and that's saying a lot coming from me. I don't have much else to say about it, it's a pretty typical rated R comedy kind of movie.