Wednesday, September 19, 2012

230 Forest Avenue

Last weekend, my husband's aunt, uncle, and cousin came into town to visit. Actually, they were on their way to San Diego to drop off the cousin at college, but stopped to visit with family for awhile. Everyone decided to take them down to Laguna Beach to show them around and just have a relaxed day by the beach and boardwalk. Although it was super hot, it was a nice and enjoyable day. They like to takes lots of pictures. Unfortunately, I don't have any of those to share at the moment, so I got this picture off of Google. Anyways, so after walking around for an hour or so, we decided to go to one of the nice restaurants nearby for lunch, and probably because of my lack of interest in diverse food (ok ok, I'm super picky), we all decided to eat at 230 Forest Avenue, which is pretty much American food. There was a lot of seafood meals to choose from but had enough American plates that I was content on eating there. It was a nice beach restaurant, opened up to the street (as shown in the picture) so at times you get a nice cool breeze, very fancy.

Like always, I was about to get the classic burger. I always go for the classic burger because I'm afraid to try something different. It's the normal, and I'm usually 99% sure that I will enjoy my meal if I get the classic burger. But this time, I decided to try something different; I got the Chipotle Lime Chicken Sandwich. It came with very thinly sliced french fries like the ones you get at Yard House. I usually don't like those kinds of fries because they jip you; it looks like you get a lot, but since they are so thin, it's pretty much nothing. But at 230 Forest Avenue, they gave me tons. And the chicken sandwich was pretty good. It had cheese, some chipotle-lime sauce, bacon (that's my main reason for going with this sandwich), and guacamole. I asked for the guac on the side because I don't like the sandwich being smothered in it. It was delicious. Would I have liked the burger better? Yeah, probably. But the chicken sandwich wasn't a bad choice either. I could only eat half, so I ate the rest for lunch on Monday. So good. 

My husband got the Ahi Tostadas, which was basically a tostada with raw tuna and caviar. Did not look appealing to me in the least, but he said it was great. And my sister-in-law got the Artichoke Chicken, which I tried and it was really good. If I would have known what that actually was, I probably would have got that instead of my chicken sandwich because I love pastas. Anyways, it was a nice afternoon and super good food. 

Monday, September 17, 2012

Breaking Bad- Season Four

Ok, let's see. I'll just do a basic recap first. So the season starts where season three left off: Jesse killed Gale, and now Jesse and Walt are stuck with Mike in the lab, waiting for Gus to get there. Gus ends up slicing another guys throat with a box cutter, and that terrifies Walt, thinking that he will soon be next to die. After killing Gale, Jesse doesn't really care about his life; his house becomes a crack house and his money gets stolen, but he doesn't care. Walt on the other hand is trying to find ways to kill Gus, but he is told that he will never see Gus again. Hank had started investigating the Gale case and found out about the lab notes to the meth lab. He says that this Gale guy was a genius, which irritates Walt. He gets very prideful and ends up telling Hank that Gale is not the mastermind, but just a copy cat, which renews Hank's interest in the case. Jesse has a new job as Mike's "sidekick," but Walt thinks that Gus is trying to get at Walt through this new job of Jesse's, so Walt tells Jesse that he needs to kill Gus with some poison. And because Hank continues to dig through this case, he is actually catching on and suspects Gus.

Ok, so that's the first half of the season. First of all, I think Walt is an idiot. He is such a baby. He gets all pissy just because Hank thinks Gale is the genius behind all of this meth lab stuff. I hate when he gets all possessive and prideful about meth. Like, who would be proud of doing that? It's so stupid. The only thing I would be proud of is the fact that I still haven't gotten caught. Other than that, it's just stupid. And then this whole beginning of the season he treats Jesse like crap, like always I guess, after all the Jesse did for him, after murdering someone for him! Ugh! I hate Walt.

As for Jesse, he frustrates me and makes me sad. Of course I want him to get his life back together and stop being stupid with these crack heads and throwing all of his money away, but then again he just murdered someone in the face! He tries to drown it out with loud music and parties. Poor guy. He seems not to care about his life until he thinks Mike is about to kill him, but when he finds out that he is there for back-up for Mike and "saves Mike's life" he feels like a hero and has more purpose in his life. But of course, Walt tries to take that away from him, and because of that, Jesse and Walt begin to fall apart again. Walt also tries to keep getting Jesse to kill Gus since he sees him more often, but when Jesse continues to fail at it, Walt gets angrier with him.

Hank angers me. For the same reasons as last time. I'm glad that Marie starts to steal things again because Hank is just a butt-hole. It's his own fault that that is her coping mechanism for having such a difficult husband. Yeah, she could be more understanding of how he feels in his situation of not being able to walk that well and whatnot, but when he treats others nice and takes all his anger out on her when she is just trying to support him... I just want to slap him. Other than that, it excites me when he starts to catch on to Gus, and it's frustrating that nobody will believe him. Even after being interviewed, Gus weasels his way out of the questioning and can't be caught with anything. I do like that Hank doesn't back down and stop investigating. I want him to catch them!

So after that the episodes start focusing more on Gus. They show about his past, and how he is connected to Hector, the crazy guy in the wheel chair with the bell. When Gus first started out with his drug business, he and his best friend went to meet with the Mexican cartel. The cartel felt betrayed and killed Gus' friend, and Gus has been seeking revenge ever since. 

Hank keeps investigating Gus and decides to take Walt along with him on his hunt for Gus, and this terrifies Walt because he doesn't want Hank to find out about Gus, and he doesn't want Gus to think Walt is ratting him out. Gus invites Jesse to dinner one night and asks if he knows how to concoct Walt's formula by himself, without Walt's help because he needs Jesse to go to Mexico and be the meth maker for the cartel. Scared, Jesse calls Walt to discuss what is actually going on, but when they are talking, Jesse finds out that Walt put a tracker on his car, and Walt finds out that Jesse's been lying to him about seeing Gus, so they get into a fist fight and end up going their different ways for awhile.

Jesse makes it to Mexico, concocts the meth, meets with the dealer, and Gus poisons all of the cartel members. Dead. When they get back to the states, Gus' men kidnap Walt, drive him to the desert where Gus tells him that he is fired and will be taking care of Hank since he is still investigating Gus. If Walt tries to stop him or even contact Jesse, Gus threatens to kill Walt's entire family. Terrified, Walt goes to Saul and asks about the guy who can make Walt and his family disappear, and later finds out that Skylar has given $600,000 to Ted to pay off the IRS, so they don't have enough money to pay the guy. 

Once Jesse gets back home, his girlfriend calls saying that her son has gotten crazy sick and is in the hospital. Jesse runs to meet up with them, and his girlfriend explains that the doctors have no idea what is making him so sick. He goes out to have a smoke, realizes that the cigarette that had the poison in it for Gus is missing, runs back in to tell his girlfriend that it could be poison, and heads over to Walt's apartment. Totally pissed off, Jesse aims a gun at Walt's head, threatening to kill him because Jesse believes Walt is the one who poisoned the little boy. Walt makes up this story that it was Gus who has been wanting Walt and Jesse separated, Walt dead, and he doesn't care about hurting children, so it must have been Gus who planted the cigarette on the little boy. Satisfied with the story, Jesse ends up back on the same side with Walt, and they plan to kill Gus.

Their first attempt is bombing Gus' car. When Jesse tells Gus that he will not be working until the little boy gets out of the hospital, Gus makes a trip to meet Jesse at the hospital to talk with him. While talking with Jesse, Walt plants a bomb on his car. After their conversation, Gus is on his way back to the car and he stops!! Anyways, after that, Walt goes to Hector, the crazy guy in the wheel chair, and plots with him to kill Gus. Walt plants a bomb on Hector's wheel chair, and later on when Gus goes to visit Hector, he clicks his bell a million times which sets off the bomb, and they all die. At the end, it turns out that it wasn't the poison from the cigarette that hurt the boy, but a poison from a rare plant, that Walt happened to have in his backyard. So it was Walt who poisoned the little boy.

Ok, so, I really don't understand why Gus wants to get rid of Walt so bad. The last thing that happened was what? Jesse killing Gale? And then all of a sudden, Gus doesn't want Walt around anymore, but would rather have Jesse instead? Walt is loyal to Jesse, and vice versa, so I guess I can see the problem there, but why take Jesse instead? Maybe because Jesse is easier to control or to manipulate. Walt just always wants to be in control. Either way, it makes me hate Gus. I know I hate Walt, but I would rather Walt and Jesse be on the same team, and I hate that Gus tries to break that up.

I absolutely love the part where Gus poisons all the cartel members. I was so scared for Jesse, and I was so angry that Gus would just make that deal to leave Jesse in Mexico without Jesse having a say in anything. I always feel so bad for him. But I loved that Gus poisoned them all, and he even threatened his own life by drinking some of the poison as well. I loved it all, and I'm glad he saved Jesse from having to stay there, even though he was probably trying to just save himself and his business from the cartel.

When Gus threatened Walt in the desert, I was so scared for Hank. I was like holy crap, now what is he going to do? There was no way out for Walt, no way he could protect Hank this time unless he put his own wife and kids in danger. And then the part where Walt goes back to get the money for the guy who will help his family disappear, and to find out that his wife gave it all to her lover! Oh my gosh, I would have been so pissed. I was so scared for them, that whole scene was perfect. Skylar's on the phone while Marie is telling her about Hank being threatened, and Walt in the background laughing hysterically like he's become this crazy nutcase.

As for Jesse, oh my gosh. I totally thought he was going to kill Walt in his apartment, and if not kill, at least shoot him in the leg or something. Jesse's emotions were just too crazy because of the kid, and I thought he was just going to do it. No thinking, no listening to Walt's story, he was just too pissed about the kid. But then Walt's story about Gus convinced him. Shoot, it even convinced me. I was like it was definitely Gus! Gus does hurt kids, and he did want Jesse to turn on Walt!! I was happy that they were a team again. And when I found out it really was Walt who poisoned the kid, my husband and I thought that Walt knew that it wouldn't kill him. My brother thinks otherwise. If that's the case, if Walt really didn't plan on the kid not dying, then he is just pure evil. What kind of person kills a child?! But then I guess the next question would be what would you do to protect your family from being killed off? Although I'm positive there are other ways around it then killing a kid. But I like to stick with the idea that Walt knew he wouldn't die. Sounds better to me. 

Ok, so the part where Gus has the bomb on his car, and he's walking in the car garage with his men after talking with Jesse in the hospital, and then he stops?!?! Why? Why the eff did he stop?! How in the world did he know? I'm pretty sure I asked my husband like ten times why did he stop. I was so pissed! I wanted him gone. How is Gus that good to know there was something on his car? No way is he that good. I'm just glad he didn't catch it when the bomb was right next to him on the wheel chair when Hector blew them all to pieces. I never liked Hector either, but I loved that he sacrificed himself to kill Gus. After Gus kept coming back to visit Hector, to taunt him that Gus was killing off all of the rest of his family, all the rest of the cartel, how Gus kept throwing it in Hector's face because Hector is the one that shot Gus' friend in the head. They were both evil, so I'm glad they're all gone.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Ted (R) - Mark Wahlberg

All I got to say is that it wasn't as funny as I thought it was going to be. I was a bit disappointed. But isn't that how all rated R comedies are? I'll give you three guesses what it was about, but you'll only need one: Getting drunk, high, and sex. Well, sexual innuendos, not really anything involving people doing it. All I know is that if I were his girlfriend, I would have left him a long time ago for him being so lazy. I know I'm dissing on "Ted", but it wasn't THAT bad of a movie, it was just predictable. There were some parts I laughed at, but none that I can remember off the top of my head. Not really something I would care to watch again, or recommend.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Breaking Bad- Season Three

Omg. I think this has been my favorite season so far, and I've just started season five. Even though it started out kind of slow and boring, it got soo much better. Almost each episode kept me in suspense or brought out some kind of emotion in me.

So it basically starts out with Walt being kicked out of the house and Skylar trying to keep him away from the family, because she knows that he's some kind of drug dealer. She has a big dilemma. She doesn't want her children finding out that Walt is a drug dealer because she figures that because of his cancer, he will probably die soon and it will all be over anyways, and she doesn't want them thinking of their father that way, which is why she just tries to get a divorce. Well, towards the end of the season, she has a change of heart and instead decides to be involved completely with the laundering of the money. I don't know how I really feel about Skylar. I used to hate her because she just pestered Walt all the time, but now that I think about it, that is exactly what I would do, and what most wives would do anyway. And to be honest, would I really rat out my husband to the cops if I found out tomorrow that he's been dealing drugs to support me and our two children? I mean, the whole time Skylar is thinking that Walt is the same person, that his cancer is taking a toll on him, and then all of a sudden, he's a criminal? And yeah, I would be outrageously pissed if I had been lied to this whole time, but who knows what I would actually do. 

Anyways, so the story is that there's these two cholos who are after Walt. These guys are Tuco's cousins, and they want to kill Walt because they believe that he's the one that killed Tuco and they want revenge. But Gus finds out what these guys are up to, and he basically says that Walt is off limits until he is done with his business with Walt, but that they can go after Hank instead.

Now with Hank, he is still trying to figure out what is going on with this blue meth stuff. He gets a lead to Jesse's RV and follows Jesse straight to the RV. Of course, Jesse didn't know he was being followed, so now Hank is at the RV while Walt and Jesse are locked inside. The whole time they're stuck in there I'm thinking, Holy Crap. Hank's finally going to get them. There was no possible way out for them! But then freaken Walt came up with something. His plan was to have someone call Hank, telling him that his wife was in a bad car accident and that he needs to go to her right away. This is the side of Hank that I love. He loves his wife Marie, and he is so pissed off when he finds out that it's a false alarm that he goes to Jesse's house to beat the crap out of him. Would I be mad if my husband did that for me? Nope. Although Hank's sole reason may not have been just about his wife, but the fact that the RV is now completely destroyed and Hank is left with nothing to lead him to the blue meth.

Since Hank beat the crap out of Jesse, his badge and gun were taken away from him and this is where it gets crazy good. He's in the car and he gets a phone call saying that two men are about to attack him in one minute. Without a gun, he is left defenseless. So, Tuco's cousins show up and there's like this massacre. I seriously thought that this was going to be the end of Hank. He ends up shot four times I think, but he lives. One of the cousins is shot in the head, and the other loses his legs but he's still alive and taken to the hospital (but later dies). I don't know how many times I said, "Oh my gosh" during this part of the show, but my husband was laughing at me.

Now this is the side of Hank I hate. Yeah, he's been shot four times and can't really walk, but Marie is there taking care of him, trying to talk to him, being nice to him, doing things for him, and the entire time he is the biggest jerk to her. He doesn't talk to her. He complains that the chips she bought him were the wrong kind, without even thanking her for anything. He tells her to leave him alone. He doesn't want her encouragement, but he listens to everyone elses. Anyways, after this season, I don't like Hank as much as I used to. 

Now back to Walt and Jesse. They work together in Gus's master meth lab. Jesse meets this girl, finds out that her little brother has been inducted into a gang, and he's the one that killed Jesse's friend Combo. This is a big deal to Jesse because he has a soft spot when it comes to children in this kind of environment. He reminds me of my cousin Eric, acts all cool and tough, but when it comes to children, he just loves them to death and won't let anyone mess with them. Anyways, so Jesse plans to kill these two guys that this kid works with. Turns out that they work for Gus. Gus says no more children, then the kid ends up dead, and Jesse goes out for revenge. Jesse's about to die trying to kill these guys when Walt shows up, runs them over, and shoots one in the head!

Back at the lab, there is a new assistant Gale who Gus wants to take over the lab for when he ends up killing Walt. Walt figures it all out and plans to kill Gale so that they can't kill him or there won't be anyone left who can make the meth like Walt can. Then crazy stuff happens, and it turns out Jesse has to be the one to kill Gale in order to save Walt's life!! I cried for Gale. He was just a nerd who loved chemistry, and when Jesse had the gun in his face, the look on Gale's face just made me so sad. I felt so bad for that poor guy. I was so upset that it left me at a cliff hanger that I yelled at my husband to get the next season ASAP. And I also felt so sad for Jesse because he's a drug dealer, not a murderer. Especially killing someone who was innocent.

Now I just want to make things clear. I have always hated Walt. I think he is a hot head, who is mean to Jesse, and manipulative to Skylar, and just a down right awful person. But I absolutely hate when Jesse and Walt aren't on the same team. And the end of this season just shows how much they care for each other and how loyal they are to one another, and I love it. It was such a good season. 

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Homeland- Season One

Gah, it is so much harder to write about TV shows than it is movies. There is just so much I have to put in, and I have to make sense of it all, especially for those who haven't seen the shows I'm talking about. There is so much to say about this show. I love the intensity of it, I love the suspense, I love the twists, I love the frustration. All of it. When my husband first introduced it to me, I did not have any interest because I hate everything that has to do with the war. But he said, "Ok. We'll watch just the first episode, and if you don't get sucked in we won't watch it." He says that with everything and it always works!!

Basic background of the series: Carrie (the main girl) gets this information that there is an American soldier in Iraq who has turned. When Brody (the main guy) is rescued and brought back to the US, everyone, especially Carrie's superiors, considers him a hero, but Carrie believes that he is the turned soldier. However, she can't tell her superiors because she has already been put on probation for the way she went about retrieving the information she received, and they will just downright not believe her. So before she can go to them with anything, she has to find something on Brody that shows he is the turned soldier. She sets up cameras, follows him around, "accidentally" bumps into him, and develops a relationship with him so she can find anything that will show he is the one.

So crazy stuff happens. All throughout the season Carrie works her butt off to find stuff on this guy. I love Carrie. She is so obsessive, persistent, and determined to get proof on this guy. She just won't let it go. But she can't find anything on Brody. She watches him, she follows him, but nothing. And Brody does nothing wrong. He may be weird about a few things like staying in one spot against the wall in his room for 8 hours, since that's what he was used to while a prisoner in Iraq, but there's not much on him. I started to think, ok woman, this guy isn't him, you're watching the wrong guy.

Meanwhile, Brody is going through a tough time readjusting to his life back at home. He was gone for a really long time, for 8 years, and now his kids are grown, and his wife was seeing his best friend, but now that he came back, they try to keep it all quiet from him. She doesn't want her husband to know that they were seeing each other, that she "gave up" on him, and she cuts it off with the other guy. But of course, Brody is suspicious. It's hard to figure out if he's really the bad guy or if he is just having a really hard time getting back into his old life.

BUT THEN the last couple episodes everything unravels. Since Brody finally finds out about his wife and his best friend, he decides to do whatever he wants, and that's where Carrie comes in. One thing you got to know about Carrie is that she is bipolar, but has not told anyone at work about it because she would lose her job instantly. She gets drugs from her sister who is a nurse so it all stays hushed up. So Carrie bumps into Brody at a meeting and starts a relationship with him. They spend a weekend together, where Carrie forgets her meds, and she questions him about what she truly thinks of him. He has an answer for everything and makes her look like a lunatic and a real douche bag for getting him in bed just to figure out more things on him. Once she gets back home, she ends up in one of her crazy modes, but during this time she figures it all out. I won't say what she figures out, but it's so good, and totally unexpected.

The finale ends with a GIANT cliff hanger. I was super pissed. She had it all figured out, she knew what she was talking about, but everyone, even her friends and those co-workers close to her, convinced her that she was just crazy, that she wasn't making sense, and that her illness was taking over.
*End of Spoilers*

I really like this show because it makes you go back and forth. You really can't predict what is going to happen, or at least I couldn't. It's not like most shows where you figure it out before they reveal it. The whole time I'm iffy about the guy, but every time I think he's the bad guy, something happens to where I'm convinced that he's not, and it's just the girl who is going crazy and is making a bigger deal of things than they really are. The thing I don't really like about this show: the nudity. Yeah, it's a Showtime show so it's unrated or uncensored or whatever. If you can get it edited somehow, it's a great show to watch. Anyways, I really enjoy this show, and I can't wait for the next season to start at the end of this month.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Breaking Bad- Season Two


This is the season where Skylar starts to really irritate me. All throughout the first season she cries and complains about not knowing where Walt is and what he is doing, and then when he finally stays home to be with them, she does the exact same thing to him. She decides to leave and not tell Walt where she is going. It just doesn't make sense to me. Yeah, I know she's pissed, but for me, if I finally get what I want, I'm not going to try and ruin things again. She just really got on my nerves. 

I like that Tuco dies at the beginning of this season. I hated that guy. 

I continue to feel sorry for Jesse. He's the one that gets beat on when kidnapped by Tuco, he's the one that gets caught by the police and is questioned, he's the one that loses all of his money, he's the one that has one of his best friends die while trying to sell. I just feel so bad for him. And I know he continues to do stupid stuff like act like an idiot, but deep down he has real people feelings. Like these other crazy drug dealers don't care who they kill and what they do, but Jesse isn't like that. Jesse's character becomes more compassionate. He starts to like his neighbor Jane and he takes care of the kid with the two meth addicts for parents; he is very protective of children, which is also shown in season 3. I also love Jesse's friends Skinny Pete, Badger, and Combo. They just make me laugh. 

This season also ends with Walt showing how much he cares for Jesse. He doesn't want to give Jesse his half of the money because he doesn't want him to use it on drugs and overdose. When Jane dies, even though Walt didn't prevent her from dying, he is there to take care of him and help him through it. He pulls Jesse out of the crack house and takes him to rehab. It finally shows how much Jesse actually means to Walt. 

And I actually really liked Jane throughout the season except for the end. It kind of made me mad that she got Jesse to do some crazier drugs, and it made me mad that Jesse didn't stop her since she was a recovering addict. I also didn't like how she turned out to be evil and threatened Walt for the money just so they could get more drugs. 

As for Hank, he is having a hard time with life after seeing everyone blown to pieces while he was in El Paso. He acts like it's nothing and continues to joke around with his friends at work, but I just feel bad for him. I wish he would just tell his wife what is wrong with him because I feel bad for her too. She's trying to understand him and be there for him, but he doesn't let her in.

I absolutely love that Skylar finally found out about what Walt does. Even though I hated her bugging him about it, I was just tired of the whole trying to keep it a secret from her thing.One thing I absolutely hated about this season was the stupid pink stuffed animal thing they would do at the beginning of most of the episodes. You know, like it's supposed to lead to something crazy at the end, and all that happens is a stupid plane crash. Very disappointing.

New Characters from Season 2:
Saul Goodman- He is Jesse's and Walt's new lawyer who really does look out for their best interests. When he was first introduced, I thought he was going to be a bad guy and try to blackmail the guys so that he could get more money, but he really does his best to take care of them. He's one of my favorite characters.

Gustavo- He is the leader of everything. He runs the entire meth industry in New Mexico. In season 2, he is very secretive, not much is really known about him and what he does.