Friday, October 25, 2013

Wok This Way and Thai Thai

Wok This Way - San Antonio

I'm pretty sure this is a new place here in San Antonio because I don't remember seeing it before. Trying new Chinese fast-food restaurants usually makes me nervous because, besides Panda Express, they usually aren't that great. My husband and I kept passing this restaurant on the way to work and always commented on it but never decided to try it until my dad told us one day that it is pretty good and they give you a lot for your money. Once he said that I was convinced because even if it wasn't that good, it wouldn't be that expensive. My husband and I went and I actually loved it. They do give you a ton of food and the Lemon Chicken is exactly how I like it: crispy and not covered in the sauce. The only thing I didn't really like were the noodles; they weren't anything like Panda's chow mein, so I would just stick with the steamed rice. But the meal comes with soup, egg roll and a drink. Pretty good deal. I've been wanting to go back. My husband also loved that they had RC Cola.

Thai Thai -  San Antonio 

Surprise Surprise, another Asian restaurant to write about. My husband always wants to try new Thai places, and I like to compare them to the restaurant he used to work at, but they never measure up. No one can top the spring rolls at Thai Kitchen in Provo. They are just too good. Anyways, Thai Thai was really good. I, of course, always get the Pad Thai and it was delicious and they actually serve you a ton of food. Each time I've gone, and I've already been there three times, I have to take home leftovers. The lunch special also gets you some little spring rolls on the side. It is so good.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Gravity and Olympus Has Fallen

Gravity (PG-13) - Sandra Bullock & George Clooney

When I first saw the previews of this movie where she's floating away in space, I said heck no. No way am I going to work myself up with anxiety just to watch this movie. Then my husband said he read really good reviews about it, but that we would have to go see it in IMAX 3D. So we did. Let me just tell you about my experience. We got there, watched the first like 15 minutes of it, then this couple comes in and sits down right next to me, and does not shut their freaken traps the entire movie. Like they are having a full on conversation with no breaks. First I wanted to tell them to shut their freaken faces, but then I thought about that whole Batman Massacre thing and thought if I was rude to this guy, he was going to shoot me. I kept giving them nasty looks though, but that obviously didn't do anything. I was so mad and kept thinking to myself that these jerks owe me $30 bucks because they ruined my movie! And all of a sudden, there's like 10 mintues left in the movie, and the picture goes out because of the storm going on outside. I'm like awesome, now I can go get a refund for my movie that these douches ruined...and I did!

Now for the movie, despite the very rude people next to me, I found the movie to be kind of boring. There's limited people in the movie, and there's not much talking going on, there's a lot of floating in space, there's not really much music. It was just super slow for me. I will say that the IMAX 3D was fun, and that I did tense up a lot during the movie at the crazy intense parts. But I also feel like they had to keep putting in these intense problems that she has to solve in order to have something going on, so it kind of got frustrating. When the power went off, I was not too crazy about finishing it because I pretty much already figured it all out. I wouldn't care too much to watch it again.

Olympus Has Fallen (R) -  Gerard Butler

I didn't even know that this movie had just come out. My dad suggested for us to watch it one night, and I thought it was one of his old-timey movies that I was going to hate, but my lil brothers girlfriend was like, "ooh I love that movie!" So he went to go get it from Redbox. Let me just tell you, when an action movie has anything to do with political people, I'm never too excited to see it. I paused the movie twice to ask questions. The thing I didn't understand was why the bad guys were doing what they were doing, but I pretty much got the gist of it. Besides all of that, I really loved this movie. It was so tense! So basically, Gerard Butler is one of the president's protectors, but then some bad event happens and Butler doesn't want to be around the president because of bad memories or whatever. Then the Asians take over the white house because they want the USA to leave their own country alone and Butler is the one that has to make everything all better. It was soo good. There were many times I tensed up and yelled out loud without realizing it. I wouldn't mind watching this movie again.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Despicable Me 2

My older brother came into town this past weekend and he decided that he wanted to watch a  movie with my dad. He first suggested Red 2, which I was not at all excited to see because it seemed too much like Expendables (worst movie ever), and luckily it was already out of the theaters. So then he asked me what I thought my dad would like to watch, and it between Despicable Me 2 and Grown Ups 2. My brother didn't think for one second that my dad would want to watch this animated movie, but I knew he would like it, and that's what he chose. I later found out that my brother had already seen it. What a butt. I usually hate watching new movies for the first time in the theater with someone who has already seen it. First of all, I feel like they waste their money watching it again, and second of all, they already know everything that is going to happen.

I was kind of excited to see this movie because I loved the first one, but I normally don't watch animated movies anymore because my husband doesn't really like them and because some of them are just really weird now. Anyways, we all loved it. My husband says that when we want to watch a comedy, it's better to go to the theater when it first opens because you'll get a good crowd. My brother first saw this movie at midnight with hardly anyone in the theater and he was tired, so he told me it was alright. But when we watched it this time, there were a ton of people. It was a good crowd and we just died laughing. At one part during the movie I looked over at my dad and he was wiping tears from his eyes from laughing so hard. I don't want to hype it, but I loved it. The story is that these people want Gru to help take down other villians which he doesn't really want to at first, but then he ends up helping and starts to fall for this woman. And that's pretty much the full story. Good movie.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

All Caught Up

Blue Valentine (R) - Ryan Gosling

I don't even know why I like Ryan Gosling so much because his movies are always so weird. I didn't like him in Drive, and I didn't really like him in this movie either. This movie was way too dark and weird for me. Basically this girl gets preggos and then he decides to marry her so they can start a family. He takes care of her even though sometimes he gets a little crazy and is kind of a bum. But he is still so good to her! And then the end is just sad. I didn't like how the movie kept going back and forth because that crap always confuses me. Anyways, this movie was no bueno.  

Skyfall (PG-13) - Daniel Craig

I'm not really into James Bond stuff. The only thing I ever liked about it was the video game when I used to watch my older brother and his friends play it. I didn't really like the first few movies either, maybe because I just think it's old-timey, like James Bond has been around forever. It took me and my husband forever to actually get around to watching it. He wanted to see it in the theaters, but since I wasn't really into it, we just waited. But I thought this movie was pretty good. I like that someone dies in it, and I like the story that the guy who used to be on the same team with them is now the enemy. He kind of creeped me out too. Looking albino and everything. I've also seen the bad guy in different movies where I didn't like him either so that added to the dislike. I enjoyed the movie though.   

My Cousin Vinny (R) - Joe Pesci & Marisa Tomei 

I absolutley loved the girl in this movie. I love how she acted, how she talked, her confidence, her sarcasm. She was definitely my favorite character. She's the reason I liked this movie. So basically these two kids accidentally steal a can of tuna and as they are driving away, they get pulled over by the cops. They think it's for the tuna but it turns out they are suspects in a murder that just happened at the corner store they just left. They don't have money for a lawyer so they call up his cousin Vinny to represent them. He's not really good, took him multiple times to pass the bar, hasn't even had a case before. He struggles throughout the whole movie, which is kind of frustrating after it happens too many times. And it turns out his girlfriend is the one that can actually help him win the case, even though he didn't want any help from her. There were a lot of funny parts in this movie too. One of my favorites is when they are waken up every night because of something going on, like a train shakes their room, or a factory whistle blows at 4am. I thought it was a pretty entertaining movie.

The Heat (R) - Sandra Bullock & Melissa McCarthy

Surprisingly, my husband and I have watched a lot of McCarthy's movies recently. I said in a previous post that I thought she looked nasty and gross in Bridesmaids, and I feel the same way about this movie too. She wore the same outfit the entire movie, looking gross, and then she had like these hand bandages that looked all dingy and sweaty. She just looked like she smelled bad in this movie. I love Sandra Bullock, but I don't like when her character is a smart-a. Like in Miss Congeniality. This character was similar to that one, and I didn't really like it. However, I thought this movie was really funny. I think my favorite part is when she cuts off all her clothes in the restroom to look slutty. It was a good comedy.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Recent Restaurants

Mama Margie's - San Antonio

About a month ago I finally quit my job at Teka Molino which is a Mexican fast food restaurant. I was just a cashier, but oh my gosh how I hated it. Working in the food business is the worst to be honest, especially if you have customers that have never worked in food ever, or are just plain a-holes. That's not the point though. The point is, Mama Margie's is kind of like Teka Molino. You go in, order at the cash register, sit down, and your number is called. Then there was also chips and salsa on the side to serve yourself, just like at Teka Molino. The only difference really was the food quality, probably the price, and Mama Margie's had karaoke. We went way back in December around Christmastime. My husband and I split a plate of tacos and had the chips and salsa. I didn't really like it from what I can remember. Nothing really impressed me about it, especially after eating at Teka everyday. Or maybe I didn't like it because I did eat Mexican everyday and I was tired of it. Even though I hated working at Teka, I loved their food, and I would always go there before I ever go back to Mama Margie's.

J. Alexanders - San Antonio

So my husband and I were going on a date night and we wanted to try something new. The Quarry is kind of the nicer side of town so we went in that direction and decided to try J. Alexanders. I had never heard of it before, but we always passed it anytime we went shopping or to the movies, and it looked kind of fancy so we thought it would be a fun experience. We went in and looked at the 10 item menu. Not a good sign. Then we looked at the prices. Another bad sign. But we were like, what the heck.. It was nice inside though. Dim-lit and what not. Well, I didn't want to go too expensive so I just got the Chicken Caesar Salad. How can you go wrong with one of those salads, right? Easiest thing to make. Well, they effed it up. There was way too much dressing on it, it was super sour, and there was hardly any of it on the plate. Worst. I don't think we will be going back there anytime soon.

Tong's Thai - San Antonio

I had been hearing about this place ever since I was in high school six years ago. My friends would always go there, another one of my friends started working there, and it was so close to where we all lived. But I just never really had the desire to try it. Then I married an Asian man who loves all kind of Asian food, so we have to try it all. My husband used to work at a Thai restaurant when we lived in Provo, UT, and the owner's (Gulavadee was her name) spring rolls were the best I have ever had. So most of the time when my husband and I try new Thai places, we like to try their spring rolls to see if they are even close to how good Gulavadee's were. So we did. We ordered the spring rolls at Tong's Thai and we were pretty disappointed. Not because they weren't as good as Gulavadee's, but because we only got two spring rolls for like eight bucks! They were kind of big, but still. That was kind of ridiculous. Anyways, we then go on to order our entree, and I of course have to try something I know I will already like. I can't try a new restaurant and a new dish at the same time; it's too risky for me. So I got the Lemon Chicken. The only complaint I have about that plate is that the lemon sauce was not that great. The chicken was amazing though and they give you a TON. I had a lot of leftovers, so I just bought some lemon sauce from another Chinese restaurant and used that one instead. But I guess I can't really complain because I did order a Chinese plate at a Thai restaurant. But then again, it is just lemon sauce, shouldn't be that hard to make. I would go back though. And probably get the same thing.

Tom Cruise Movies

Top Gun (PG) 

First of all, there was way too much sweating in this movie. It was ridiculous. Everyone was shiny with sweat/dripping sweat off their face the entire movie. Digusting. Second of all, Tom Cruise looked like a 17 year-old boy in this movie and it was just too weird for me. He looked pervy. And his teeth were also gross. Third of all, the music in this movie was AWFUL. And they played the same song like 15 times throughout the movie. Like they couldn't find another song to use. So as you can tell, I wasn't all too fond of this movie. Plus it was made in the 80's, which is a major red flag anyways when it comes to me enjoying a movie. OH! and the "sex scene" was so disgustingly gross.. so much tongue! Ew. Especially after seeing him sweaty the entire movie...
The plot wasn't all that bad though. I liked the action in it while they were flying around in those jets, and I liked the competitiveness because it made me want Tom Cruise to win. I also liked his flying partner and how honest he was with Cruise whenever he would eff stuff up. It wasn't all that bad of a movie, but I wouldn't watch it again. He really creeped me out.

Jack Reacher (PG-13)

Now this Tom Cruise is so much better. I don't like him all that much either way, but the older one is more bearable. I don't find him to be so creepy and pervy when he's older, and his teeth look much better now. I would say this movie is pretty good; I enjoyed it. Basically, this guy is suspected for being a sniper and killing random people on the street, and he asks for Jack Reacher. No one knows why this guy wants Jack Reacher, and no one even knows who Jack is. Anyways, Jack goes and investigates and figures out all this crazy stuff, which I like because it all fits into place. He gets set-up and all this drama and fighting happens. And then he meets this old man who helps him out in the end. I thought it was a fun movie to watch.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Taken 2 and Everything Must Go

Taken 2 (PG-13) - Liam Neeson


Surprisingly we did not watch this movie when it came out in theaters even though we were really interested in watching it. We even waited a couple months after it came out in Redbox for some reason. I was kind of excited to watch it because I liked the first one, and also because my husband thinks Liam Neeson is so funny. And he is. The way he talks just makes me laugh. So dramatic. Anyways, the movie was pretty expected. I knew someone was going to get kidnapped again and that he would have to go after the bad guys to get them back. His ex-wife was actually the one that got taken, because they took a vacation in Istanbul, Turkey.. who the eff goes on a vacation over there?! I did like that his daughter helped him find her mom, going on the roof tops and finding the hole to drop his phone into. That was pretty fun to watch. Crazy how he could remember and describe that to her. My husband loved the part where he is in the car with a bag over his head and he's describing everything that he hears. Too funny. Anyways, it was a good movie.

Everything Must Go (R) - Will Ferrell

There are only a few Will Ferrell movies that I don't like, and I thought this was going to be one of them. I knew it wasn't going to be a comedy because I read the description, and I thought that this was going to be one of his more serious kind of movies, and I usually don't like those. It was basically about a guy whose wife left him the same day he lost his job, and she left all of his belongings out on the front yard. And then after a few days, he decided that he was just going to sell everything he had because she wouldn't take him back. That's basically the entire movie. Nothing to crazy or dramatic about it. I did like the little boy who came to talk to and help him sell all of his stuff. Even though it was kind of simple, I liked the movie.