Saturday, March 31, 2012

Stephanie Plum Novels- Janet Evanovich

After I finished The Hunger Games, I couldn't find any other books to read. As you know now, I love books that turn into movies, so I tried reading The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. That didn't work out so well. Too many big words. And I didn't understand what was going on in the beginning, so I decided to return it. Then I took a trip to Walmart during my lunch break and decided to look for other books to read there. I found The Vow and One for the Money- both movies. I tried checking out both of them at the library, but they weren't there. I decided I would just read one of them everyday while I was at lunch at Walmart so I wouldn't have to pay for the book. I didn't want to read The Vow in public though because that would have been embarrassing, so I started One for the Money. I got all the way to chapter 9 and then the people at Walmart took the book away! Now I had to find a way to get the book back because I was in the middle of it. I tried a different library by my work and it turns out the One for the Money is the first book of an 18+ book series! I was super excited because now I would have more books to read while my husband was home playing video games. AND, I love these books!

One for the Money 
Bad Guy: Benito Ramirez
Two for the Dough
Bad Guy: Kenny Manusco and Spiro
Three to get Deadly
Searching for: Moses Beidemer
Four to Score
Searching for: Maxine 
Bad Guy:Sugar
High Five
Searching for: Uncle Fred
Hot Six
Searching for: Ranger
Seven Up
Bad Guy: DeChooch
Hard Eight
Bad Guy: Abruzzi

These are the ones I have read so far. They are so good. Basically Stephanie Plum becomes a bounty hunter in the first one, and each book is a different case she's on. It's pretty much just the story of her life chasing after these people, but she also has this sexual tension between her and these other two guys: Joe Morelli and Ranger. Morelli is someone she's known since high school who has a bad reputation with women and is a cop, but they become involved with each other, and Ranger is a fellow bounty hunter who kind of trains and helps out Stephanie throughout the books, but kind of intimidates Stephanie with his mysteriousness. These books literally make me laugh out loud sometimes. I love the way Evanovich writes. I would totally recommend these books to all girls who can take a few cuss words and who don't flip out at a few sexual situations.

Young Adult (R)- Charlize Theron

I was very disappointed with this movie. The previews made it look like it was supposed to be a funny movie, so I was super excited to see it. It turned out to be kind of depressing... and weird. It reminded me of Revolutionary Road in that it made me have an uncomfortable feeling when the movie was over. It started out super slow, and there really wasn't a good plot, and it had a pretty crappy ending. My husband told me it was the same person who did Juno and Up in the Air, and I hated those movies. They were awful. I'm pretty sure I'll never watch another movie by Jason Reitman. He sucks. And this movie sucked.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Time to update!

I have been falling behind on all of my movies. My husband went to a Lakers game a couple weeks ago and I watched two movies that night, then I watched more the next week, and now I'm just backed up. So, it's time to update.

Bad Teacher (R)- Starring Cameron Diaz
There were some funny parts in this movie, but I didn't think it was all that great. Justin Timberlake really grossed me out as well. All she wants to do is get a boob job, then she's out of money, so she's after Timberlake because he has money, and all the while she's just being a bad teacher to get paid. She also gets what she wants in the end, which of course because it's a movie, but I wanted her to get what she deserved. Like I said, there were funny parts, but it was pretty pointless. I would not watch this movie again.

50/50 (R)- Starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt & Seth Rogan
I really like this movie. It was the right amount of funny, and there are some sad parts as well, and I just think Rogan played a great friend. I thought the psychiatrist girl (Anna Kendrick) was kind of annoying and there should have been another actress who played her part. I haven't liked any of her parts in any movies. But that's a different story. I kind of like watching movies by myself sometimes because I can feel any kind of emotion I want, so during this one, yeah I cried. And I even pressed rewind on some funny parts. Rogan was just really good. Anyway, I would watch this movie again. I even wanted to watch it again with my husband when he got home from the game.

Green Lantern (PG-13)- Starring Ryan Reynolds
This one was alright. Like I've said before, I don't really like superhero movies where there is a different world or a different planet. They had to introduce that world and the problems going on there in this movie, but for the most part, the movie was on earth, so it wasn't too bad. There wasn't anything really amazing about this movie; it was average. I didn't like the bad guys though. One of them was huge and could kill anyone by gliding over them, and the other one got super ugly so I didn't really want to look at him.

Warrior (PG-13)- Joel Edgerton & Tom Hardy
I did not want to watch this movie. My husband said he had been wanting to watch it for awhile, but I just didn't want to see another boxing movie because I thought I wouldn't be interested in it. So we went to Redbox with my husbands brother and we had five movies to choose from. We each deleted one and my brother-in-law had to choose between the last two, and I thought, oh yes he's going to pick the movie I want, but he didn't! He picked Warrior! I was so mad. Well, we came home and watched it and guess what.. I loved it, of course. My husband loves when I like movies that he picks out because I always doubt his movie choices. Anyway, it was really good. It wasn't as good as Cinderella Man, but it was pretty close. It was really sad on all parts of the family relationship because no one had talked to each other for years. It was just a dysfunctional family because of a drunk dad and a rough childhood and grudges were held. The marine brother was just so mean to everyone. Pretty sad. But a really good movie.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Lucille's Smokehouse BBQ

So, I don't have many friends out here in California yet. I work at a laminating company with seven men, so there's not much socializing outside of work going on there. Thankfully, I go to a church with a lot of friendly people, and I have been able to make some friends there. A couple of weeks ago, we had softball practice together for our tournament coming up, and afterwards we all got together to eat at Lucille's. It's this BBQ place over here in California that is supposedly really good. And since they all know I'm from Texas, my friends husband wanted to see if I'd like it better here than back home. 

I'm not going to lie. It came pretty close. My husband and I shared a full rack of baby-back ribs and a good amount of tri-tip. The ribs were a little too crunchy for me. My friend's husband admitted that they didn't taste like they usually do so maybe we just had a bad batch, but they were still pretty good. But the tri-tip... oh my goodness. I think that is the best BBQ meat I have ever had, especially with their sauce. I also always get macaroni and cheese for a side at a BBQ place because it's usually the best kind of mac and cheese there is, and it was pretty good. I would definitely eat there again, but when we make more money. It is a bit pricey.