Monday, August 12, 2013

Despicable Me 2

My older brother came into town this past weekend and he decided that he wanted to watch a  movie with my dad. He first suggested Red 2, which I was not at all excited to see because it seemed too much like Expendables (worst movie ever), and luckily it was already out of the theaters. So then he asked me what I thought my dad would like to watch, and it between Despicable Me 2 and Grown Ups 2. My brother didn't think for one second that my dad would want to watch this animated movie, but I knew he would like it, and that's what he chose. I later found out that my brother had already seen it. What a butt. I usually hate watching new movies for the first time in the theater with someone who has already seen it. First of all, I feel like they waste their money watching it again, and second of all, they already know everything that is going to happen.

I was kind of excited to see this movie because I loved the first one, but I normally don't watch animated movies anymore because my husband doesn't really like them and because some of them are just really weird now. Anyways, we all loved it. My husband says that when we want to watch a comedy, it's better to go to the theater when it first opens because you'll get a good crowd. My brother first saw this movie at midnight with hardly anyone in the theater and he was tired, so he told me it was alright. But when we watched it this time, there were a ton of people. It was a good crowd and we just died laughing. At one part during the movie I looked over at my dad and he was wiping tears from his eyes from laughing so hard. I don't want to hype it, but I loved it. The story is that these people want Gru to help take down other villians which he doesn't really want to at first, but then he ends up helping and starts to fall for this woman. And that's pretty much the full story. Good movie.


  1. would a 29 year old mom...i mean her five year old kid enjoy it? ;)

  2. For sure. At 58 year old man loved it!