Thursday, October 24, 2013

Gravity and Olympus Has Fallen

Gravity (PG-13) - Sandra Bullock & George Clooney

When I first saw the previews of this movie where she's floating away in space, I said heck no. No way am I going to work myself up with anxiety just to watch this movie. Then my husband said he read really good reviews about it, but that we would have to go see it in IMAX 3D. So we did. Let me just tell you about my experience. We got there, watched the first like 15 minutes of it, then this couple comes in and sits down right next to me, and does not shut their freaken traps the entire movie. Like they are having a full on conversation with no breaks. First I wanted to tell them to shut their freaken faces, but then I thought about that whole Batman Massacre thing and thought if I was rude to this guy, he was going to shoot me. I kept giving them nasty looks though, but that obviously didn't do anything. I was so mad and kept thinking to myself that these jerks owe me $30 bucks because they ruined my movie! And all of a sudden, there's like 10 mintues left in the movie, and the picture goes out because of the storm going on outside. I'm like awesome, now I can go get a refund for my movie that these douches ruined...and I did!

Now for the movie, despite the very rude people next to me, I found the movie to be kind of boring. There's limited people in the movie, and there's not much talking going on, there's a lot of floating in space, there's not really much music. It was just super slow for me. I will say that the IMAX 3D was fun, and that I did tense up a lot during the movie at the crazy intense parts. But I also feel like they had to keep putting in these intense problems that she has to solve in order to have something going on, so it kind of got frustrating. When the power went off, I was not too crazy about finishing it because I pretty much already figured it all out. I wouldn't care too much to watch it again.

Olympus Has Fallen (R) -  Gerard Butler

I didn't even know that this movie had just come out. My dad suggested for us to watch it one night, and I thought it was one of his old-timey movies that I was going to hate, but my lil brothers girlfriend was like, "ooh I love that movie!" So he went to go get it from Redbox. Let me just tell you, when an action movie has anything to do with political people, I'm never too excited to see it. I paused the movie twice to ask questions. The thing I didn't understand was why the bad guys were doing what they were doing, but I pretty much got the gist of it. Besides all of that, I really loved this movie. It was so tense! So basically, Gerard Butler is one of the president's protectors, but then some bad event happens and Butler doesn't want to be around the president because of bad memories or whatever. Then the Asians take over the white house because they want the USA to leave their own country alone and Butler is the one that has to make everything all better. It was soo good. There were many times I tensed up and yelled out loud without realizing it. I wouldn't mind watching this movie again.

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