Friday, October 25, 2013

Wok This Way and Thai Thai

Wok This Way - San Antonio

I'm pretty sure this is a new place here in San Antonio because I don't remember seeing it before. Trying new Chinese fast-food restaurants usually makes me nervous because, besides Panda Express, they usually aren't that great. My husband and I kept passing this restaurant on the way to work and always commented on it but never decided to try it until my dad told us one day that it is pretty good and they give you a lot for your money. Once he said that I was convinced because even if it wasn't that good, it wouldn't be that expensive. My husband and I went and I actually loved it. They do give you a ton of food and the Lemon Chicken is exactly how I like it: crispy and not covered in the sauce. The only thing I didn't really like were the noodles; they weren't anything like Panda's chow mein, so I would just stick with the steamed rice. But the meal comes with soup, egg roll and a drink. Pretty good deal. I've been wanting to go back. My husband also loved that they had RC Cola.

Thai Thai -  San Antonio 

Surprise Surprise, another Asian restaurant to write about. My husband always wants to try new Thai places, and I like to compare them to the restaurant he used to work at, but they never measure up. No one can top the spring rolls at Thai Kitchen in Provo. They are just too good. Anyways, Thai Thai was really good. I, of course, always get the Pad Thai and it was delicious and they actually serve you a ton of food. Each time I've gone, and I've already been there three times, I have to take home leftovers. The lunch special also gets you some little spring rolls on the side. It is so good.

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