Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Taken 2 and Everything Must Go

Taken 2 (PG-13) - Liam Neeson


Surprisingly we did not watch this movie when it came out in theaters even though we were really interested in watching it. We even waited a couple months after it came out in Redbox for some reason. I was kind of excited to watch it because I liked the first one, and also because my husband thinks Liam Neeson is so funny. And he is. The way he talks just makes me laugh. So dramatic. Anyways, the movie was pretty expected. I knew someone was going to get kidnapped again and that he would have to go after the bad guys to get them back. His ex-wife was actually the one that got taken, because they took a vacation in Istanbul, Turkey.. who the eff goes on a vacation over there?! I did like that his daughter helped him find her mom, going on the roof tops and finding the hole to drop his phone into. That was pretty fun to watch. Crazy how he could remember and describe that to her. My husband loved the part where he is in the car with a bag over his head and he's describing everything that he hears. Too funny. Anyways, it was a good movie.

Everything Must Go (R) - Will Ferrell

There are only a few Will Ferrell movies that I don't like, and I thought this was going to be one of them. I knew it wasn't going to be a comedy because I read the description, and I thought that this was going to be one of his more serious kind of movies, and I usually don't like those. It was basically about a guy whose wife left him the same day he lost his job, and she left all of his belongings out on the front yard. And then after a few days, he decided that he was just going to sell everything he had because she wouldn't take him back. That's basically the entire movie. Nothing to crazy or dramatic about it. I did like the little boy who came to talk to and help him sell all of his stuff. Even though it was kind of simple, I liked the movie.

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