Thursday, July 25, 2013

Recent Restaurants

Mama Margie's - San Antonio

About a month ago I finally quit my job at Teka Molino which is a Mexican fast food restaurant. I was just a cashier, but oh my gosh how I hated it. Working in the food business is the worst to be honest, especially if you have customers that have never worked in food ever, or are just plain a-holes. That's not the point though. The point is, Mama Margie's is kind of like Teka Molino. You go in, order at the cash register, sit down, and your number is called. Then there was also chips and salsa on the side to serve yourself, just like at Teka Molino. The only difference really was the food quality, probably the price, and Mama Margie's had karaoke. We went way back in December around Christmastime. My husband and I split a plate of tacos and had the chips and salsa. I didn't really like it from what I can remember. Nothing really impressed me about it, especially after eating at Teka everyday. Or maybe I didn't like it because I did eat Mexican everyday and I was tired of it. Even though I hated working at Teka, I loved their food, and I would always go there before I ever go back to Mama Margie's.

J. Alexanders - San Antonio

So my husband and I were going on a date night and we wanted to try something new. The Quarry is kind of the nicer side of town so we went in that direction and decided to try J. Alexanders. I had never heard of it before, but we always passed it anytime we went shopping or to the movies, and it looked kind of fancy so we thought it would be a fun experience. We went in and looked at the 10 item menu. Not a good sign. Then we looked at the prices. Another bad sign. But we were like, what the heck.. It was nice inside though. Dim-lit and what not. Well, I didn't want to go too expensive so I just got the Chicken Caesar Salad. How can you go wrong with one of those salads, right? Easiest thing to make. Well, they effed it up. There was way too much dressing on it, it was super sour, and there was hardly any of it on the plate. Worst. I don't think we will be going back there anytime soon.

Tong's Thai - San Antonio

I had been hearing about this place ever since I was in high school six years ago. My friends would always go there, another one of my friends started working there, and it was so close to where we all lived. But I just never really had the desire to try it. Then I married an Asian man who loves all kind of Asian food, so we have to try it all. My husband used to work at a Thai restaurant when we lived in Provo, UT, and the owner's (Gulavadee was her name) spring rolls were the best I have ever had. So most of the time when my husband and I try new Thai places, we like to try their spring rolls to see if they are even close to how good Gulavadee's were. So we did. We ordered the spring rolls at Tong's Thai and we were pretty disappointed. Not because they weren't as good as Gulavadee's, but because we only got two spring rolls for like eight bucks! They were kind of big, but still. That was kind of ridiculous. Anyways, we then go on to order our entree, and I of course have to try something I know I will already like. I can't try a new restaurant and a new dish at the same time; it's too risky for me. So I got the Lemon Chicken. The only complaint I have about that plate is that the lemon sauce was not that great. The chicken was amazing though and they give you a TON. I had a lot of leftovers, so I just bought some lemon sauce from another Chinese restaurant and used that one instead. But I guess I can't really complain because I did order a Chinese plate at a Thai restaurant. But then again, it is just lemon sauce, shouldn't be that hard to make. I would go back though. And probably get the same thing.

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